Free Spirit ART project

Free Spirit : A non profit organization created by artists to save our planet.

Free Spirit ART project : Art can inspire change. Art can change lives. Art can protect our planet.

ART can inspire change

Free Spirit project is a non profit organization created by artists, dedicated to protecting our planet. We design visual art as a powerful tool for spreading ideas and bringing people together around a common purpose. Through an artistic approach, our aim is to bring attention to the perils of climate change, to raise awareness about wildlife conservation and to support vulnerable children across the world.

The Free Spirit collective is a distinguished group of artists including photographers, designers, dancers, music composers, painters with a combined audience of more that 750 000 people on social network. Together, our artists combine their talent, use their influence and share our work to amplify the Free Spirit’s mission.

Art can change lives. Art can save the planet.

Art is our passion and creation is our core. Art is the most powerful tool we can use to spread humanity, to protect our planet and most threatened species and habitats. Art is a universal language that opens people’s hearts. We use art by combining several artistic disciplines in order to connect people on an emotional level with the beauty of our world. We capture people’s attention through visual art and we deliver relevant messages about what is threatening our planet. Knowledge leads to action, action inspires change and change leads to positive impact. Through our photography and painting exhibitions, concerts, shows, we can deliver our messages about global warming but we also raise funds to support our programmes :

  • We have launched a reforestation programme
  • We have launched conservation programme
  • We provide financial support to several orphanages in the world

How can art save our future ?

Humanism : We believe art changes lives : as every child deserves a future, we raise funds to bring art and to support vulnerable children all over the world. We created a show combining dance, theater and performance art. We raise funds to support vulnerable children in Africa and in Asia.

Environment : We aim to raising public awareness about climate change and environmental issues. Through an artistic approach and unique visual artworks, our aim is to focus attention, educate the younger generation and unite as many people as possible for a cause which concerns all of us. We highlight the consequences and the dangers related to global warming, climate change and dramatic impact of human being on nature which brings serious concerns.

Wildlife : We raise awareness about endangered species in the world through a campaign. We make indoor and outdoor painting exhibitions in collaboration with very talented artists like SANDROT. Funds we raise enable us to provide financial support to sanctuaries that protect animals in Africa and Asia.

Elephant par SANDROT

What Free Spirit ART project is...

Photo par Audric Larose du Free Spirit
  • book of our show EMAJINARIUM to raise funds for an orphanage
  • fashion show Just ALLURE to raise funds for an orphanage
  • photography project The Essence of Life to raise awareness on climate change
  • A painting exhibition Inaudible Voices to raise awareness on endangered species and raise funds to protect animals living in sanctuaries.
  • concert EMAJINARIUM to raise funds for our reforestation programme RE-GREEN THE PLANET
  • show EMAJINARIUM combining dance, theater and performance art to raise funds for an orphanage in Congo

Key figures

  • We have planted 130 000 trees in Kenya, Mexico and in Amazonia
  • We provided hands-on care for 1052 patients in India
  • We made a donation of $10,000 to an orphanage in Congo
  • We protect 16 000 bees in France
  • We work with 300 artists who joined our cause across the globe
  • We made 6 photography exhibitions
  • We sold +50 limited edition photography prints
  • We hit 700 000 views on Youtube
  • We have a combined audience of 370 000 fans on Facebook
  • We have a combined audience of 350 000 followers on Instagram
  • 200 people came to see our fashion show
  • 300 people came to see our concert
  • 1200 people came to see our show
  • 4000 people joined us to attend our roller tour in Paris
  • 5000 people came to see our photography exhibitions



ARTIVISM is a non violent movement that enables to amplify the voice of wildlife, the environment and vulnerable people through an artistic approach.




A concert with 200 artists to raise funds to plant trees and restore the forests.


This book combines ART and wildlife conservation awareness. Fabrice and the painter SANDROT wrote that book together in order to highlight the situation of endangered species accross the globe through an artistic approach. That initiative is part of our INAUDIBLE VOICES program.


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