School for a brigther FUTURE

Protecting the planet, climate emergency and social justice are the major international issues of the 21st century. These issues demand that we start a radical transformation of our lifestyle all together. It has been essential for every one of us to define the outlines of a more human and more nature friendly world. The future generations can take part in this important change in order to build the world of tomorrow.

School is undoubtedly the most beautiful invention dedicated to educate and convey knowledge to our children. Thanks to this wonderful tool, we will give the means to the new generation to face the social and environment challenges.

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School for a brighter future is a series of recommendations for the whole school programs of countries around the world. They provide a thinking and working basis for governments wishing their children to accompany change that is necessary for society.

School for a brighter future will be a report. This report will be the consultations synthesis from 300 experts in their area. It will be also the analysis conclusion of some studies led by different famous international organizations such as the UN, the IPCC, the IPBES, the IUCN and many others.


The aim of School for a brighter future is to implement the basis of the future world and sustainable development in our schools. This report aims at inspiring to add new subjects to current school programs. These innovating subjects including the protection of the planet, living beings and social inclusion, would accompany the child throughout their education, from the elementary school to the senior year.

Subjects will allow the child to fully understand life value, and be aware of our impact on nature and adopt solutions with positive impacts on our planet, resulting from their school education.

Our generation is responsible for the unprecedented deterioration of our planet. Thanks to school, let’s educate our children who are the citizens of tomorrow so that they can become the protectors of life.

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